What is a wedding stylist?

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Congratulations on your wedding! You're getting married and you want your wedding to be unique. You're looking for a day to remember, both in the way you decorate the reception and in the way you look. But weddings are certainly an unexplored world for you, unless you're a wedding professional... No doubt you know what a wedding planner is, but do you know the job of a wedding planner? wedding stylist ? Dedicated to finding the right look, the wedding stylist works on the appearance of the bride and groom and their outfits, which is where he differs from the wedding planner. I'd like to introduce you to this service provider and wedding specialist! 

The work of a wedding stylist

The bride and groom's look, and especially the bride's outfit, is one of the main concerns when organising a wedding. Visit choice of wedding dress, accessories, hairstyle and make-up All these preparations take time and can be a source of questions. That's where the wedding stylist comes in! 

The difference with a wedding planner

While a wedding planner plans the wedding from start to finish, and manages and coordinates all the wedding-related service providers, a wedding stylist concentrates exclusively on the wedding itself.wedding aesthetics linked to fashion and people.

Through their work, they are like godmothers or fairies working alongside the bride, you. Their role is to make you look your very best on your wedding day. The look will be designed according to your style and personality. He or she will be inspired by your ideas and tastes and will subtly add new ideas. Your wedding stylist is there to magnify yourself, reveal your self-confidence for the happiest day of your life.

Not to be confused with a wedding dress designer!

When we talk about wedding stylists, we may also be talking about wedding dress designers. However, a wedding stylist can help you prepare your ceremony, but is not necessarily a dress or costume designer. He or she is nonetheless a fashion expert and the latest trends, ready to help you make the right choices.

Among the vast array of wedding dresses and suitsthe stylist will guide you and help you choose suppliers, but also

help you discover others. He'll also be able to suggest dream accessories to make the search process a lot less stressful.

Of course, he can also advise you on beauty aspects such as make-up and hairstyling. Services for its customers can extend to bridesmaids and the mother of the bride and groom.

Training and skills of a wedding stylist

Many professionals in this field have training in styling and/or tailoring, fashion illustration or costume design. They also have certain skills in analysing your body and facial morphology, your clothing style and tastes, and your colourimetry. Their service often begins with a style auditTheir job is to make a general diagnosis of your appearance and your taste in clothes, so that they can advise you. But what really makes their work stand out is their passion and experience for wedding styling!

Hiring a wedding stylist

Now you know what a wedding stylist is. But are you wondering whether you need the advice of this professional?

Many couples organise beautiful weddings without the help of a wedding planner or wedding stylist and the decision is yours. However, when you choose to take charge of all these tasks, you add a burden, a considerable amount of time and a dose of stress to your daily routine.

Deciding to surround yourself with quality professional service providers is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can make if :

  • if you have a thousand ideas a second in your head
  • you need someone to channel you
  • you need someone to guide you in your choices

Whether you decide to work with a wedding planner, a wedding stylist or both, your wedding will be a magical day!

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