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Why do you need a wedding planner?

For so many reasons!

The first is to allow you to think only about yourself and your guests. 

Preparing for a wedding is an incredible human adventure that most people undertake with the welcome help of family and friends.

The lack of time for couples is undoubtedly the most frequently cited argument.

You may run out of ideas and want to enjoy the day without worrying. 

As future brides and grooms, the idea of facing up to such an important event can become a source of stress, and choosing a wedding planner relieves you of all the research involved in organising your wedding.

What does a wedding planner do?

As a wedding planner, our mission is first and foremost to be attentive to your needs and desires, with the aim of providing you with our expertise. At Ciel mon amour ! we are trained to listen, hear, analyse and optimise to better serve your needs.

As specialists in private events, we can take care of the entire project, from proposing venues, selecting caterers and Michelin-starred chefs, to music programming, beauty treatments, ephemeral structures and decor design...

Who am I?

From fashion to event organisation. 

Coming from a career in the fashion industry and journalism, I was able to explore my creativity in the world of high-end accessories. 

Working for a number of luxury brands such as Chopard jewellery, Deutz champagne and Maison Fabre leather goods has enabled me to develop a keen sense of high-quality service. Over time, I developed a desire to set up my own events agency, where each service provider selected is resolutely focused on exceptional craftsmanship. 

How much does a wedding planner cost?

Our agency fees are based on estimates. They are indexed to the hourly volume of support provided to our customers.

How do you go about selecting service providers?

Each service provider is selected taking into account the culture and way of life of our customers, as well as shared values: respect, curiosity, savoir vivre, rigour and attention to detail.

How long before the wedding should I contact the wedding planner?

Ideally, you should contact your wedding planner eighteen months to a year before your wedding. This is a recommendation for booking the venue of your dreams. As your wedding is fast approaching, you can contact us at short notice, which is also one of our hallmarks.

How do we work?

  • First steps

Discussion of vision and design. 

  • Second stage 

Budget discussion. 

  • Third stage 

Search for a location. 

  • Fourth stage 

Putting you in touch with your wedding suppliers. 

  • Fifth stage 

Monthly to-do list. 

  • Wedding week 

That's when everything you imagined has come true. Everything is ticked off the to-do list. It's time to let go completely, you're about to celebrate the happiest day of your life and have a memorable experience.

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