Tailor-made support to make your wedding a moment of pure eternity!

As well as taking infinite care over the design of your event, we'll draw inspiration from the heart of your story to create a world that's just like you, to create unforgettable moments.

Over the course of our meetings, we'll work together to design your wedding as a one-off, with every detail carefully thought out to reflect your personality and culture.

To make each wedding a unique event, we select talented, passionate and exciting partners who will bring uniqueness and refinement to your event. 

Shooting Studio Design
Shooting Studio Design

The services offered by Ciel mon amour !

  • Advice, availability and support 
  • Selection of all your service providers
  • Research and site visits
  • Quotation processing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Setting the scene for your day
  • Setting up your organisation schedule
  • Setting up your day and evening
  • Managing relations with service providers
  • Transport management 
  • Budget monitoring & D-Day coordination

Prices from €4,900

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