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7 ideas to brighten up your wedding with a touch of neon

For your wedding day, you're in the mood for light, bright colours and, above all, originality... What better way to do this than with neon lighting? If you're dreaming of an electric, romantic wedding, this is the trend for you. Find out how to dazzle your guests with personalised neon lights at your wedding.

Neon lights for a wedding: how to choose them?

Whether it's a small personal touch or a large centrepiece, neon lights can add real value to your wedding decor. The key is to choose a style that matches your personality, the theme of your wedding and the atmosphere you want to create. Before ordering your personalised neon sign, think about the size you want, the font and the colour. Bright pinks, electric blues and fluorescent greens are perfect for adding positive energy to your special day. Softer tones will create a more romantic effect. But what will guide your choice of neon is above all its location and function. Here are a few ideas to help you!

Where and how to place your neon lights: 7 original ideas

1. Welcome your guests with personalised neon lights

Welcome your guests with a personal work of art, a neon sign saying "It's our big day" or simply "Welcome". You can have a personalised neon sign made with your initials embraced, your first names, a word that matches your theme, or an expression around the love you love.

2. Decorate the head table with neon lights

Give your wedding dinner a cosy or fun atmosphere with neon centrepieces. Fluorescent vases, LED candles and illuminated flowers will create a magical atmosphere throughout the evening. You can also choose to illuminate only the head table by creating a surprise with an illuminated sign suspended from the ceiling: a love note, your new family name, hearts, flowers...

3. Shine on the dance floor

Make your first dance even more special by dancing on an illuminated dance floor. Add neon lights along the floor for a chic nightclub feel. You can also hang a light panel above the stage to create a bright and colourful atmosphere all night long.

4. Make the photobooth look even brighter

Create unique memories with a photobooth with a neon background. Have a neon wall made with your wedding date and names, or choose a design to match your theme as the backdrop. With this bright and colourful background, your guests will have a great time and the photos taken with the photo booth will be all the more memorable.

5. Decorate your ceremony arch with romantic neon lighting

Brighten up your traditional flower arch by adding a personalised neon sign with a little saying, initials or by emphasising the curve of the arch. Simple but still effective for its romantic look!

6. Dressing the bar in an electric atmosphere

Add a subtle touch of modernity to your reception by dressing up the cocktail bar in neon lights. You can also create a hanging light above the bar or decorate the signage with lights. Illuminating the bar will give your reception a dynamic, electric feel.

7. Make wedding signage clearly visible

Illuminating directional wedding signage is a great way to integrate neon lighting into the décor of the exterior of your reception venue. As the night wears on, light signs indicating the important areas of the event can help everyone find their way in a modern way.

Incorporating luminous elements into your wedding decor will transform your day into a dazzling celebration. From the choice of colour palette to the creation of a luminous dance floor, every detail will contribute to a unique atmosphere. So let your love shine through with a neon decoration that will make your wedding an unforgettable event for all!

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