The charm of celebrating a commitment abroad

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When marriage rhymes with travel

Your holiday abroad went wonderfully well, and you discovered the perfect place to celebrate your wedding ? You are an expatriate and would like get married in the country where you live at the moment? Would you like to get married in your home country or in your other half's country of origin?

More and more couples are discovering the charm of weddings, honeymoons and vow renewals abroad, for a number of reasons.

There are a wide range of exciting and romantic options for where and how to celebrate your big day. With options to suit all budgetsIt can be adapted to virtually any wedding format and, of course, to your personal taste: sunny tropical beaches in Mexico and in the Caribbean ocean cruise cathedrals, castles and historic sites from the Old World charm of Europe and many more options. Let your imagination run wild. If you can dream it, Ciel Mon Amour! can help you make it happen!

A selection of dream wedding destinations!

1. Marrakech: For a wedding worthy of a thousand and one nights!


Bordered by the Atlas Mountains surrounded by desert, the town has captured the hearts of many French people and foreigners in recent years.

It was in the heart of these inspiring and spellbinding landscapes that many couples got married last year. Saying "I do" in MarrakechIt's a guarantee that you'll leave with memories that fill your eyes and the desire to love without counting the cost!

The city of Marrakech and the surrounding area offers breathtaking reception venues. Grand, vast mansions where you'll feel right at home. Palm trees, cacti and other exotic wonders will give your reception a typical, exotic flavour, especially as the Red City is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. a true destination of love.

Let yourself be seduced by its magnificent buildings, its taste for festivities, its glamour and its spicy flavours for an unforgettable experience. journey of the senses.

Make the most of this destination to prolong the romance and discover all the charms of this city: events that enliven the city all year round, the a wealth of activities to discover Marrakech and its surroundings, the hospitality of the locals, folklore and the incredible charm of its medina, riads and much more besides.

This city will surprise you and make you a prince and princess for the duration of a stay brimming with exoticism and romance.


2. Tuscany: For a truly authentic wedding


Privatise a huge villa that will amaze your guests for a authentic wedding in Tuscany ! Large gardens, swimming pools, top-of-the-range rooms and suites, hills, a setting that will transport you back in time.he splendours of the renaissance! Let yourself be carried away by "dolce vita and the charms of Tuscany for a a chic and authentic wedding. Step back into the Golden Age and the Renaissance and say "YES" to a country rich in culture and history.

Southern flair, warm atmosphere, fabulous setting for a romantic wedding.

Italy opens its heart and its legendary generosity to welcome you the symbol of your love. Take advantage of unforgettable stay with your loved ones in a simple yet chic ceremony and discover the riches of Italy.

3. Mauritius: for a heavenly union!

Dive into crystal-clear waters of Mauritius for a marriage in the tropics, under the exoticism. Taste the remarkable landscapes and exchange your vows by the sea, feet in the water. What could be more romantic and poetic? Mauritius offers a dazzling ceremony for you and your guests. In a private villa, in a château or on a boat, l'île is sure to make your wedding a dream come true! Say "YES" to heaven!


4. Corsica: For a wedding bursting with charm!


Are you longing for the authentic tranquillity of the maquis? Whether you're a native or a lover of the island of beauty, come and make your romance come true! The island of beauty, a name it lives up to perfectly: mountains as far as the eye can see, vineyards, wild beaches, coves with opaline waters, the lands of Corsica will make an exceptional day for your wedding brimming with romance and charm. Celebrate the most important day of your life here and let the Mediterranean air carry you away.

Countless weddings have been celebrated here, charmed and enchanted by its wonderful natural sites, you can't help but choose this destination for saying 'yes' for life. Breathtaking landscapes, absolutely charming estates, villas that are both modern and traditional, beaches as far as the eye can see, and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, Corsica offers a unique blend of land and sea.

5. Geneva: A marriage between modernity and tradition

Switzerland will give you the chance to enjoy an exceptional stay at the freshness of the Alps. Experience your wedding in a breathtaking scenery, lakes, forests as far as the eye can see, the tranquillity of the waves and the gentleness of the sea. eternal snows...landscapes that will leave you speechless and make your wedding a moment full of magic.

Celebrate your union in the Geneva's splendid natural sceneryThe reflection of your love will light up your hearts and those of your guests.

Switzerland, an unforgettable escapade full of beauty and moving by its The atmosphere is both modern and traditional. The perfect destination for a winter wedding.


Other destinations are also very popular for weddings! Santorini, Venice, Bali, Cuba, Punta Cana are the stuff of dreams! What's your wedding destination?

Are you planning to get married soon? Ciel Mon Amour ! will advise you and help you help you prepare for your wedding abroad

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