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Choosing your dress

Your dress... One of the most memorable details of the celebration. So it's essential that you get some great shots. Your wedding photographs will remain the unique and indelible mark of this very special day at

through time. That's why you need to give the preparation of your shoot your full attention, the emotion and magic of D-Day will take care of the rest so that your photos are absolutely sublime. The wedding dress Is it the key to successful wedding photos? If the experience of most photographers, professional or amateur, is to be believed, it certainly plays a key role in the success of a wedding. essential role. Just as it is the focus of attention during the ceremony, the wedding dress is what first attracts you when you look at a souvenir photo.

Today, Ciel Mon Amour ! is giving you some key tips and advice for enhance your wedding dress, and get the best shots.

1. Choose a good photographer and contact him in advance!

If you already have a few photographers in mind, get in touch with them to find out more. reserve the date of your wedding. Think about book your photographer well in advance. Because if he's as good as you think he is, maybe he's very successful with other brides and grooms too...so don't take the risk of not getting THE photographer you want. Having beautiful wedding photos, it's very important.

2. Building a relationship of trust with your photographer

What you mustn't forget is that a photographer is an artist, and needs to be inspired and inspired to do something. a good feeling. What's more, you also need to establish a relationship of trust with your photographer so that you feel at ease in front of the lens during the shoot. It's not always easy to type the

especially when all eyes are fixed on you and you're in the middle of the you have the pressure and stress of the wedding. Establishing a relationship of trust with your photographer is therefore essential to getting great shots on the big day.

3. Get inspired!

Another key to successful photography is knowing how to set the scene for the big day, just like a movie star. Get inspired many photos that can be found on the internet, particularly on Instagram, a perfect tool for finding ideas for composition, positioning and inspiration from photography mentors, who will give you an idea of what poses look good in wedding photos.


4. Vary your shots

Close-ups and full-length portraits, moments of emotion and laughter... Multiply the outlets and listen carefully to the photographer, for a varied and creative result.

your expectations. Try out different perspectives too, and don't be afraid to change your point of view.

5. Think about light

The time you choose to carry out your wedding shoot will inevitably have a influence on light your photos will benefit from. Discuss this with your photographer beforehand. Ciel Mon Amour advises you to trust your photographer to know when the light is beautiful. Even if you have to get up in the middle of a meal, you won't be disappointed with the results!

6. Choose your dress carefully

Lastly, and in our opinion the most important point of all: make the right choice and opt for a dress that suits your shape. The tall brides, i.e. all those who are 1.75m tall or more, will look their best in a slim-fitting dressThe waistband should be cut to avoid looking too long in photos. You may want to consider a short dress, to highlight long, slender legs. The Empire" dresses are perfect for short brides, because they help to smooth out the hips and give the illusion of a taller figure. The sheath cutter is to be avoided if you have curves, this type of dress is unforgiving, especially in photographs.

With these few tips, your wedding photos are bound to be a success. You'll be able to look at them with pleasure and share them proudly with your nearest and dearest. Wedding photos are a reminder of one of the most important days of your life, and they should reflect that. a magical moment full of emotion, that we women have sometimes dreamed of since we were very young.

Are you planning to get married soon? Ciel Mon Amour ! can help you prepare for your wedding.

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