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Brunch the day after the wedding

Treat your taste buds to a gourmet brunch the day after the wedding.

Have you thought about setting up the wedding menu, to find ideas for decorating your table, selecting the right tracks from your playlist But now the question of the next day is looming large. Yes, you'll have to supply your guests at the day after the wedding ! What better way to spend this informal, relaxed moment, where guests can get together one last time for a meal before concluding this splendid event? weekend of festivities? Ciel Mon Amour share these great ideas with you!

Choice of service providers

Rule no. 1: Choose a good caterer!

After the feast and party of Saturday night, stomachs are fragile and will appreciate digestible, fresh dishes that are both hearty and comforting, to mop up the alcohol from the night before. So opt for a sweet and savoury menu presented in buffet to suit everyone's tastes. Large saladssweet and savoury verrines, generous tarts, pasta gratinsYou'll have a choice of freshly baked bread, pancakes, doughnuts, fancy rolls, traditional Viennese pastries, chocolate éclairs, fresh bread with butter, honey, jams and spreads, plus fresh yoghurts, seasonal fruit and a cheese platter. You'll be sure to delight all your guests! If you've gone to so much trouble to make everything perfect, it's because you want everyone to enjoy it! Another idea to combine with this fabulous day after wedding brunch cupcakes or muffins with the effigy of the bride and groomA delicious and hearty decoration with lace made from sugarpaste.

Rule No. 2: Break the codes!

Break codes, mix flavours and put your heart into it! This is one of the secrets of a successful brunch. These days, people want to try new things and attend events that are out of the ordinary. All caterers are different: some are very classic and others, quite the opposite, have the main aim of breaking completely with traditional codes. If the vision of the latter inspires you, then don't hesitate to call on them to give your day-after wedding brunch that special touch that will make all the difference.

Rule no. 3: Decoration, ambience and atmosphere are just as important as the buffet!

Match your decoration to your menu for a perfect combination. Whether you opt for a chic or casual brunch, Your decoration should match the dishes served to your guests. It's up to you whether you opt for a refined buffet or a cool one! However, Ciel Mon Amour advises you to opt for a comfortable and delicate atmosphereBecause brunch is all about conviviality and togetherness. As a symbol of sharing, don't hesitate to create a cosy, harmonious setting. Flowers gleaned from the garden will add the necessary touch of nature. As for the lighting, we recommend you opt for subdued or natural lighting. And above all, don't forget the basics. There's nothing like pretty crockery to set the scene. Chipped plates won't do justice to the delicious food you've served.

Flowers are, of course, an essential part of any wedding decoration. Choose white flowers such as white peonies, lilies of the valley, white tulips or plants such as ferns, grape leaves or olive branches. To add a real a touch of originality to your decorthink indoor plants! As everyday allies, they're a welcome addition to any wedding décor, making them a more sustainable choice than cut flowers. They'll fit in perfectly with your green and white wedding theme.

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