My tips for decorating your wedding table with flair

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You're preparing for your wedding and spend hours pinning up countlesswedding table decoration ideas? There are so many extraordinary ideas waiting for you on the web, and so many styles to choose from... It's not easy to choose!

It's important to decorate your tables with careYour guests will be spending a lot of time at the table. Designing a wedding table decoration is all about the details. Elements such as glassware, napkins, menus and place cards are all little things that, together, will create a beautiful harmony at your table. How can you create a real experience during your wedding meal? Here's my advice. 

Table decorations in harmony with the wedding theme and colours

Of course, the first thing to do is to think about your theme and its main colours. What elements might be suitable for table decoration: flowers, plants, accessories? On your table, don't add more than 3 main colours. Also think about the reception room, the shape and the colours.

materials of the table and chairs. Are the tables round, rectangular, wooden, in what colour? What will your wedding style be: chic, bohemian, country, vintage? First visualise what you have, then move on to the next elements... 

Choosing your table linen


The tablecloth is the basis of your wedding table decoration. You can choose a classic or a bold colour. It's up to you and the style of venue you've chosen for your wedding dinner.

For example, if your wedding is taking place in a château, you can use a patterned or coloured tablecloth. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to get married in a vineyard, consider a classic white tablecloth or a natural-coloured linen runner. Please note that rental companies will have several options to offer you. 

The trick:

If you're thinking of classic white tablecloths, consider adding texture to the fabric you choose. For example, you could choose a damask tablecloth: this is a plain-coloured tablecloth with a variety of highlighted patterns. You could also use lace and embroidery... If you're feeling creative, you can also personalise it to make your wedding table unique!

Table runners

The table runner is a fabric in the centre of the tablealong its entire length. It adds a cosy, elegant touch to your wedding decoration..


The centrepiece, placed on the table runner, is THE centrepiece of your wedding table décor, and will undoubtedly create the wow factor on your wedding day. Your florist or floral designer will be able to create a wide range of centrepieces. floral harmonies and will lead to a consistency at your tablein keeping with the architectural style of the site.

The trick:

Always make sure that guests can talk to each other without being disturbed. Don't create a wall of flowers that will prevent interaction. You can vary the heights, which can be interesting.


Most caterers or hotel professionals include the essential crockery in their package, such as glassware, cutlery and crockery.

napkins. But certain details can really make a difference and style your wedding table decor, like the choice of plates or napkins. Adapt to the type of meal and menu! 

The trick:

To optimise your budget, opt for a visually striking element: patterned plates, coloured glasses, embroidered or coloured napkins.


Personalising your wedding stationery is a must if you want to create a common thread that will set the mood for your wedding. Match your place cards and menus your table plan on display, as well as your invitations and announcements sent in advance.

The trick:

You can choose to personalise each menu with the names of your guests, along with their place cards.

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Mood lighting

Of course, the mood lighting on your table won't be the only lighting at your reception. Whatever the lighting atmosphere you choose, bringing light to a wedding table adds a special touch to your reception. warm, romantic atmosphere. You can add traditional candles and candlesticks,

photophores or objects redesigned to serve as candle holders: bottles, jars, etc. Just make sure everything is secure!


As a central element of wedding décor, flowers are also a welcome addition to the table - because they're your best ally. Sumptuous baubles of hydrangea will suffice on their own. For a bright and romantic centrepiece, candles of different sizes will create a warm atmosphere for your guests. For a refined centrepiece, opt for tall branches adorned with plants. You can use seasonal fruit and dried flowers as table decorations.

Decorating the chairs

We've talked about decorating wedding tables, but you can also dress up your chairs with a cover, ribbons, chairstraps, flowers... The bride and groom's chairs can be decorated differently, with a letter or sign for example, to set them apart or give them a majestic effect.

Distinguishing the head table from other tables

The bride and groom's table should stand out at first glance from the guests' tables, while still being in harmony. For a remarkable head table. It must be given the utmost attention.

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