How do you organise the table plan for your wedding?

The key to a successful dinner is to organising the seating plan.

Once you've collected a good number of RSVPs, start to create the table layout by recovering the room plan to scale and draw on it. In any case, your plan won't be set in stone until a few days before the wedding.


Credit: Thomas Augier

Round, square or oval tables?

Your choice will depend on the number of guests, and the size and architecture of your venue. your location.

Your reception is essentially a big partyYour guests want to spend time with their friends, so sitting your guests with people they already know will encourage everyone to get to know each other. have fun and stay longer.

For example, group together guests with similar interests even if they don't know each other they'll have a great time bonding and bring people together interesting.

Otherwise, the Ciel Mon Amour agency will be delighted to guide you and assist you if necessary.

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