How to find the perfect venue for your wedding


Refine your wedding venue search

Le choosing your wedding venue is one of the wedding planning the most important thing you'll do. It sets the tone for the world of your event and plays an important part in the success of your event. your budget. Paris and surrounding area are full of fabulous places. Many couples start surfing the internet and find themselves a little overwhelmed.  

Visit a few things to consider to help you make the experience more manageable:

First of all, the location, the location, the location!

That's the first thing to determine, then whether it's your home townthe city where you live Whether it's your current destination or a dream destination far away, you need to know where to look. Think practical for your comfort and that of your guests.

Your budget

Consider a global approach to the entire wedding budget. It would be a shame to set your sights on a place only to discover that it's out of your reach. Once you've looked into the matter, find out as much as you can about availability because wedding domains are often booked a year in advance. The sooner the better!

The way you look and feel

Probably open to a variety of venue styles, you have an idea of what you like, each venue is different. steeped in history and specific architecture. Bear in mind that it's always better to work with the existing style rather than trying to transform it.

Specific needs

Different for each couple, take the time tolist your needs, your priorities and the points you consider non-negotiable, so eliminate venues that are not compatible with your expectations. Examples: sufficient accommodation, possibility of an outdoor ceremony, curfew, catering requirements, etc. Enjoy your research!

And if not... the Ciel Mon Amour agency will be delighted to guide you and assist you if necessary.

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