Getting married in a château, a historic and elegant canvas


Once you've found your Prince Charming, you can't help but want to get married in the castle of her dreams. If you wish to a fairytale weddingIt's the perfect place to celebrate your union. Castles

are places steeped in history, nostalgia and the luxury of yesteryear...

so what could be more enchanting than a castle to start a story?

What's more, getting married in a castle is making a childhood dream come true! Remember when you imagined your dream wedding: a princess dress, a fairytale venue... so why not make that dream come true?

The castles offer a very special atmosphere thanks to their idyllic settings, their charming decorations, their sumptuous gardens, and their unique architecture.

What better way to celebrate a wedding than in such a romantic setting?

Choose to get married in a castle, means opting for a a chic, elegant wedding, but also quite grand. The venue is ideal for weddings to the many guests. Lavish and steeped in history, it's easy to see whyliven up your reception with a classical music orchestra and why not even choose a theme: period costumes for example, and you can Sissi the Empress dress. Of course, there are other versions to choose from, depending on the style you want to give your reception.

Getting married in a château also has a number of advantages

- Châteaux-hotels allow most guests to sleep on site. So they can enjoy your reception to the full. It's also very practical for guests who have travelled a long way to attend your wedding.

- The castle is the most beautiful place to create a firework display!

- There's no need to overload the decor: monumental bouquets of garden flowers, roses, peonies, lilacs... will naturally find their place here, just as a carpet of rose petals on the stone staircase. In a château, the decor already exists on its own and you risk detracting from it if you try to do too much. A word of advice from Ciel Mon Amour! Use candles in tall candelabras, on sideboards, in verrines and in table bouquets to create a romantic, old-fashioned atmosphere. Chic, elegant and magical will be the watchwords of your ceremony.

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- The sit-down dining solution The château is the perfect setting, with plenty of room, a buffet and a cocktail reception. Day or night, this is a dream venue. Don't forget to leave space for the dance floor, and don't forget to provide enough seating, filling the space without overcrowding it.

- A place where you can arrive in your coach without looking out of place. In fact, when you choose to get married in a castle, you are choosing a prince and princess wedding where the folie de grandeur is totally permitted. A Bentley, a limousine, a horse-drawn carriage, nothing seems too much at the gates of a château.

- Some châteaux offer more than just a unique venue, a list of affiliated service providers They include caterers, entertainers, decorators, florists and even wedding planners. They are recruited according to a very precise process. The main reason why châteaux make this specific choice is to enable future brides and grooms to benefit from a range of different services. quality services from professionals who know the area and its special features inside out.

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