A winter wedding: synonymous with conviviality and enchantment


The off-season weddings are becoming increasingly fashionable. So if you have a soft spot for winter, don't miss out on getting married at this time of year, especially as there are so many advantages to getting married at this time of year!

Wedding season runs from May to September.

Statistically speaking, it's true that this period brings together the largest number of unions. However, more and more brides and grooms are turning to less competitive seasons such as autumn or winter to organise an original wedding.

What could be more romantic than white-coated nature as the backdrop to your wedding?

The snow will enable you to beautiful, original wedding photos, activities and add an extra touch of magic to every moment of your wedding day.

The coldoften seen as an inconvenience, is also a synonym for bringing people closer together. conviviality. It's all the more fun to be in the same room when you know it's cold outside. You want to stay together, extend the evening as much as possible with wedding entertainment There's plenty of fun to be had, dancing and good food to warm you up. What's more, there'll be no surprises when it comes to bad weather: your reception will be held indoors, so you won't have to worry about a shower!


Choosing your dress for a winter wedding

Another good thing about winter weddings: the dress! Choosing to get married in the dead of winter you an infinite number of ways to accessorise a wedding dress simple. First of all, you can use the opportunity to select a long-sleeved wedding dressMore chic and classy than a sleeveless dress.

Choosing your shoes

You can also wear nice shoes closed-toe, pumps or even ankle boots with heels, depending on your choice of dress model. You'll also have the opportunity to wear a beautiful long white coat or in light tones, a silk scarf or stole, or even long gloves if you opt for a dress with short sleeves.

You will also benefit from the availability of your guestsfriends and family will be more readily available in winter than in summer. Outside the Christmas holidaysThis is a period when you don't move around a lot. No long holidays in prospect, fewer trips abroad, fewer invitations, fewer compromises, so you'll have a better chance of getting as many people around you as possible.

Another point in favour of winter weddings: the atmosphere


A winter wedding is a friendly wedding! You'll be able to transform your place of reception in space cocooning and comfort thanks to thick carpets, floor cushions, plaids, armchairs and quilted sofas.

A little advice : opt for warm colourscandles, indirect lighting and, if possible, a chimney fire to add sparkle to your wedding hall decoration ! We guarantee it! The key words of your ceremony will be conviviality, romance, magic, elegance and refinement. Everything you need for a successful wedding!

Another advantage: the buffet!

Wedding receptions often look the same. The same fresh, colourful food is served on the buffet from one wedding to the next. By choosing winter, you'll be able to afford more surprising stands such as a bar serving mulled wine, soups and comforting drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate, herbal teas).

Don't forget fondueone with bread, the other with fruit, and one with cheese. your wedding will be a warm one!

Two additional advantages: the price and the availability of service providers Of course, choosing to marry off-season also saves money. Prices are falling not only for reception venues, but also for wedding services of all kinds. From venue hire to wedding make-upYou'll find attractive promotions thanks to lower demand from brides and grooms between October and April. So make the most of it!


As prices fall, suppliers are of course more available. So you'll find it easier to get the reception space of your dreams. on the date you wishand the caterer or florist. Your professionals will also be better able to take time for you and your needs. your wedding.

So think about all these advantages and opt for a warm, friendly and magical wedding!

Ciel Mon Amour! will make make your big day a magical moment!

Are you planning to get married soon? Ciel Mon Amour! We'll advise you and help you prepare for your winter wedding so that it's just like you!

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