A wedding anniversary in Paris

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Cotton weddings, pewter weddings, golden weddings, diamond weddings...

And you, which ones are you celebrating soon?

Your wedding anniversary is an opportunity, every year, to celebrate your love as it grows and develops. So how do you celebrate such an event?

There are several ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary. 

Of course, it's all up to you! Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to organising your wedding anniversary! For example, you could organise an intimate evening for two or a party with your friends and family. The first, more romantic solution is a dinner in a restaurant that you particularly like, a candlelit meal at home or, why not, a meal in a restaurant that you particularly like, a candlelit meal at home or, why not, a meal in a restaurant that you particularly like. romantic weekend, in Paris, for example. 

Organising a party is generally reserved for 'big anniversaries', such as 10, 20 or 30 years of marriage. You can also decide to renew your vows. This renewal can take place in a church, where the ceremony is conducted by a clergyman, or in any other place of your choice. You can then ask someone close to you (your best man, one of your children, your parents, etc.) to take care of it, or you can ask a friend or relative to do it for you. hire an event organiserlike the Ciel Mon Amour agency for the occasion. 

There are lots of ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Ciel Mon Amour can advise you and give you lots of other ideas for celebrating a wedding anniversary in Paris! 

1. Privatise a swimming pool just for two in the heart of Saint-Germain

From hotels with private swimming pool in Paris, there are plenty of them, so book yourself a night or a weekend. romantic weekend in one of these hotels and enjoy a stay of love and relaxation. The perfect plan to celebrate a wedding anniversary. 

2. Book a weekend in a villa in Montmartre

Waking up in 900 m2 of gardens on the heights of Montmartre and devour a Parisian breakfastA moment that can only be romantic. Just imagining it makes me want to!

Couple near plane.

3. Do an unusual activity

Do you like discovering new things together? Then this is the option for you! Leather worker, brewer, baker,... a real opportunity to share and learn which will allow you to leave with your own unique creation. But also, a workshop to make your own unique perfume ! Perfuming yourself or receiving a beautiful bottle of perfume is always a little flirtatious pleasure that really hits the spot. But the best part is a unique fragrance so you don't feel like the next-door neighbour you meet every morning. So why not come do something fun and enjoyable to learn more about the art of perfume making and leave with your own creation for your wedding anniversary? 

4. How about a theatre night with dinner?

We'll never stop saying it: laughter is good for your health and, above all, for your morale. So for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a a memorable evening of relaxationtreat yourself to evening at the theatre with a dinner and show for your wedding anniversary! 

5. Trampolining as a duo

With the stress that surrounds us keep your childlike spirit is very important. From time to time splurge. Make acrobatics and jumps with your sweetheart for your wedding anniversary. 

6. Set sail

Paris may not have the sea, but it does have the Seine. For those who love peace and quiet, you can take a trip along the Seine. small barge cruise and enjoy a beautiful view as well as a fine meal, so romantic for a wedding anniversary in the heart of the City of Love.

And don't forget to seal this love with your dated padlock and autographed on one of our many bridges!


7. Take to the skies in a hot-air balloon

On board a hot-air balloon you feel far away from it all. Away from the stress, the work, the noise of the city... It's a moment truly apart, out of time. So for

If you're a lover of tranquillity, or just in love, don't hesitate to try this activity to celebrate your wedding anniversary. 

8. Dine at the Windo bar Hyatt Regency 

If you haven't yet tried out this must-visit Paris venue, a wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion. On the 34th floor of l'Hyatt Regency hotel (17th arrondissement) discover the Windo bar. As well as serving delicious, original and fragrant cocktails,

the place offers a breathtaking view of the whole of Paris. When night falls, you can admire the Eiffel Tower decked out in lights, a sight you really must see.

9. A magical, unforgettable experience 

Co-piloting with your other half to celebrate your wedding anniversary or else, à on board a helicopter, discover unforgettable aerial views of the city of Paris. See the monuments from the sky as you've never seen them before.

10. Dine in the dark 

In the half-light, the smells of delicious food beckon you to a tasting experience you won't soon forget. At the Dans le Noir restaurant.

The waiters bring you the dishes from your surprise menuto help you develop your senses in this still unknown universe.

A an unusual activity for two and a good way to get your foot in the door discreetly, but be careful not to talk to the wrong person!

11. A first flight?

As the saying goesLove gives you wings"And what if you took advantage of a wedding anniversary to put this theory into practice? There are plenty of numerous first flights for a great day out emotions.


12. Picnic

Built in the 19th century Ourcq Canal used to carry drinking water for the city of Paris. Now it's a lively district, surrounded by bohemian cafés. It's the perfect place to drop off your picnic basket, take a boat trip or just stroll around. A simple yet romantic moment for a wedding anniversary. 

Here is the selection of ideas from Ciel Mon Amour to celebrate your wedding anniversary for two in Paris. Romanticism will be the order of the day!

If you are planning a reception for your 10th, 20th or 30th wedding anniversary, Ciel Mon Amour ! will help you organise everything! Small or large reception, Ciel Mon Amour ! will meet your expectations. 

Why celebrate your wedding anniversaries?

A wedding anniversary is a day to remind your loved one how happy you are to be going through life by their side, that you chose them on the first day and continue to do so every day. Every year that passes is a year in which we have lived, shared and overcome the different stages in our relationship, and that's something to celebrate! A wedding anniversary is also an opportunity to celebrating each otherto celebrate the durability of the couple and of love. 

In any case, there's no shortage of romantic places to celebrate a wedding anniversary! Let's not forget that we're talking about the city of Love and Romance. Paris and romance go together like champagne and oysters, coffee and croissants, ham and butter.

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