Rainy weddings: 5 ways to prepare and enjoy them

rainy weddings 5 ways to prepare-and enjoy them

There's something truly magical about an outdoor wedding. We are not immune to cloudy skies and rain inviting itself to your wedding. Despite our best efforts, nature can't plan ahead. However, here are 5 tips to help you embrace the idea of a rainy wedding and make the most of it, despite the circumstances. And to make this rainy wedding a romantic moment.

Choosing a reception venue: always have a plan B

Even if your wedding is taking place somewhere where rain is rare, you're never safe from it. This is so obvious and so important, that you should consider selecting a venue with a plan B in case of a weather emergency.

Preparing for rain on your wedding dayIf you're planning a cocktail party, a ceremony or even an outdoor dinner, you need to plan ahead and opt for different spaces. If you are planning a cocktail party, a ceremony, or even an outdoor dinner, plan an adjoining indoor space or a sheltered structure accordingly. This format will give your guests a bigger dimension to keep in mind.

Everything's going according to plan, well done!

Trust your Wedding Planner

Wedding organisers are experienced in this exercise and will be able to guide you in making an informed decision about how to deal with any rain on your wedding day. OK, so weather apps are great, but they're not infallible, let your Wedding Planner support you emotionally alleviate the stress and hesitation you may feel. In terms of organisation, she will certainly have plenty of ideas: protecting your wedding outfit (wedding dress, veil and train), your hairstyle, planning waterproof make-up, managing your guests, finding ways to brighten up an undecorated space... Leave all that to her.

your wedding planner and blow away.

Adapt the way you take photos

It's confirmed: it's raining! Make sure you have everything you need for make-up and hair touch-ups close to hand. Édiscuss the various plans with your photographerBy communicating in advance and organising things properly, you'll be able to get romantic and unique photos of the bride and groom. A wedding in the rain doesn't have to be a nightmare, so take the opportunity to offer your guests some pretty umbrellas and create some beautiful memories. The results could even be breathtaking! Photo sessions can be long, so warm up the atmosphere with a tea bar.

Hire a tent or marquee

If you're having your wedding dinner and party outdoors and you're facing the elements, whether it's hot or rainy, consider having your wedding party in a tent. Treat yourself to a crystal tent (transparent) to give you the sensation of dancing under the stars. Your Wedding Planner will be able to give you invaluable advice on how to set it up.

Hire a tent or marquee

It seems obvious and easy at the beginning of the preparation, but your mental preparation will be an ally because it's important to accept that time is an uncontrollable parameter!

The most important thing is the love that will be in the air during your wedding day, so lean on your Wedding Planner and let yourself be carried away by everything that comes your way. My final tip: on your wedding day, be prepared to hear those old French expressions over and over again: "de l'eau sur la mariée, de l'or dans le panier", or "s'il pleut le jour du mariage, des écus entreront dans le ménage"... But who knows, maybe it's true after all!

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