My ideas for enhancing your chic green and white wedding theme


There's no doubt that a theme of chic green and white wedding is a timeless classic when it comes to trends that come and go. The combination of these two colours is incredibly irresistible, whatever the season or the setting of your wedding. The table decorations, the flowers, the accessories and even the bride's dress can all serve this very natural theme!

Chic green and white wedding: choosing your shade of green

First and foremost, you need to define its main shade of green. Different shades of green such as sage, emerald, intense and olive blend perfectly with white. As green is associated with nature, there will always be a feeling of freshness. A sage green will definitely be softer. Emerald and intense greens are deeper and more elegant.

Olive green has a rustic, natural, raw feel. Whether you're looking for a country or bohemian feel that's still chic, here are my top picks. tips for a green and white wedding designnatural and refreshing...

Decorating a chic wedding in green and white

When you think of wedding decorations, you immediately think of the table decoration: table runner, centrepiece, flowers... But there's also other ways to brighten up your wedding meal. Think of porcelain, which can be green, or wonderful fabrics with unique patterns... You can also combine plants and wood in place cards, menu holders, candle holders, the table plan, etc. It's often the details that make the biggest impact!

Flowers: think houseplants

Flowers are, of course, an essential part of any wedding decoration. Choose white flowers such as white peonies, lilies of the valley, white tulips or plants such as ferns, grape leaves or olive branches. To add a real a touch of originality to your decorthink indoor plants! As everyday allies, they're a welcome addition to any wedding décor, making them a more sustainable choice than cut flowers. They'll fit in perfectly with your green and white wedding theme.

The bride's outfit: why not emerald green?

Wear an emerald green wedding dress and be daring!

The wedding dresses in colour are in every collection for avant-garde brides. There are also all shades of blush, peach, lilac and blue, as well as lovely floral prints. Opt for bridesmaid dresses in shades of white and neutral colours for a harmonious ceremony. And if you really want to keep the traditional white dress, think about the shoes. They can

The bride's bouquet

Choosing a small bouquet is definitely a sign of elegance and style. It's not a trend, but the option of a small bouquet worn over a colourful dress will dress up your outfit. Of course, it doesn't have to be minimalist!

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