How to choose your bridal bouquet

How to choose your bridal bouquet (3)

The wedding bouquet is an essential element that enhances your wedding dress. Whether it's round, cascading, unstructured or small, or whether it comes in a range of colours, there are a multitude of floral arrangements, each more beautiful than the last. However, despite this infinite choice, the most complicated part will be to choose a bridal bouquet that will reveal the lines of your dress and match your style.

The bridal bouquet, an ancient tradition

By the way, Where does the tradition of the bridal bouquet come from? ? This is a very old tradition, dating back to ancient times. In those days, brides composed bouquets of aromatic herbs whose strong scents were supposed to chase away evil spirits during the ceremony. The bouquet also contained aphrodisiac herbs for newlyweds, to bring love and passion to the couple.

In the Middle Ages, the tradition of the bride's bouquet of flowers continued, as all weddings were celebrated in spring, THE season of flowers.

Then, in the 18th century, the bridal bouquet was traditionally made up of orange blossoms as a sign of purity. Their fragrance was also used to

masking the bride's body odour!

At the end of the 19th century, it was customary to place the bride's bouquet on a velvet cushion covered with a glass bell, in order to preserve the light.

bouquet for as long as possible. The bouquet was a symbol of love and longevity.

Today, in 21st century France, the bridal bouquet is a rather aesthetic but essential accessory. There's (almost) no such thing as a bride without a bouquet! That's why you need to give your particular importance to the choice of this floral arrangement.

Choosing a bridal bouquet that reflects YOU

Beyond the visual aspect, the bouquet represents an extension of your personality. It must also match your wedding theme.

If you've opted for a traditional ceremony, a classic round bouquet will be a timeless and elegant choice. If your wedding style is more bohemian or country, you might consider a more unstructured bridal bouquet, made up of wild flowers or dried flowers to bring out the natural feel of your wedding.

A bouquet adapted to your wedding dress and your body type

Your wedding dress is adorned with lace, embroidery or pearls? A discreet bouquet will gently underline the sumptuous work of your dress without weighing down your silhouette. If, on the other hand, your wedding dress is more of a sheath, you can afford a cascade bouquet, and a small bouquet will also be ravishing.

If you're rather small, don't choose a bouquet that's too "imposing". Instead, choose a short bouquet, with no trail of foliage or long stems. Be careful about the size of the bouquet, though, because even if it's round, a bouquet of this shape can also be too imposing or heavy to carry on the day.

For full-figured brides, opt for a light bouquet with long-stemmed flowers.

The choice of flowers 

Seasonal flowers

The season of your wedding will determine the choice of flowers for your bridal bouquet. A good florist will be able to offer you several alternatives for a wonderful composition for your big day. For an early summer wedding, choose roses and peonies. July-August, sweet peas, freesia, hydrangea, etc, For a late summer or autumn wedding, choose dahlia, cosmos, zinnia, lisanthius or anemone.

Or dried flowers?

The bouquets of dried or stabilised flowers are very much in vogue at the moment. As well as being long-lasting, dried flowers give a bohemian, natural and elegant look. You'll find magnificent bouquets in a variety of floral arrangements.

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Choosing the right colours

Pink, white and red are timeless classics. But above all, the colours of your bridal bouquet should be in harmony with your wedding theme. Choose one or more dominant colours for your bouquet. Match these dominant colours to the flowers used to decorate your room, your ceremony, etc. If you don't choose a main colour(s), you run the risk of your bouquet looking out of place.

The meaning of flowers: make no mistake!

The perfect flowers for a wedding

  • Roses: symbolise the romantic aspect of commitment
  • Peonies: also symbolise romance and sincerity
  • Lilac: Emotion
  • Orchids: Fervour and refinement

Flowers with the wrong symbolism

As you may have guessed, there are some flowers you shouldn't include in your bouquet. These include chrysanthemumwhich symbolises mourning, but also the end of love. You should know that eyelets are also to be avoided, as they will bring bad luck. And if you're superstitious, we advise against adding yellow flowers, which are the most common colour in the garden. symbolising infidelity and betrayal, and dark blue, expressing a painful memory. 

Other flowers to avoid

Who wants to prick their finger on their wedding bouquet or hang their dress from thorns? Avoid prickly flowers such as thistle, although you might be tempted by its symbolism of robustness.

Also avoid flowers that make spotsIt is better to choose flowers with pistils, as they lose pollen and could stain your dress.  

The flowers with a (too) heady scent can cause headaches or simply be unpleasant. If you are sensitive to strong perfumes, avoid lilac or lily in your bridal bouquet.

Do you have an idea for a bouquet but aren't sure of the right shape or flowers? Talk to your wedding planner or florist, they'll be able to give you some expert advice! 

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